Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Weekly Menu


Now that I am sadly getting back to a scheduled routine, I made a weekly meal plan that hopefully we can follow this week. Since I didn’t do a lot  any cooking last week I really don’t need to do a lot of shopping this week….. yay! I am planning a light and easy cooking week because I just haven’t gotten my mojo back lol. Being off is a great thing and a not so great thing. This is what I plan for the week starting with today since last night I stuffed my face with a corn dog and a funnel cake!

Monday – Tacos ~ 1pt if you eat 2 tacos

Tuesday – Buffalo chicken wraps and roasted onion potatoes ~ 3pts

Wednesday – Quesadillas ~ 4pts

Thursday – Chicken with balsamic veggies ~ 0pts

Friday – Pizza Night (the tradition continues!) ~ 4pts for one thin slice of cheese pizza

Saturday – Grilled stuffed burgers, tomato cucumber salad and roasted onion potatoes or chips and salsa ~ 4pts if you use a regular hamburger bun

**My points may vary slightly depending on how much cheese I decide to use. I LOVE cheese so some days I pile it on and some days not so much.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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