Friday, October 15, 2010

My favorite time of year

I love love love fall. It has the best weather, best food recipes and best sports events of all time, the SEC! I have been overwhelmed lately with work but it will soon be coming to an end. The results will be tallied and the winners chosen. In the midst of all of this I've been trying to keep up with my undying passion of college football. Not just any ole college football BUT Razorback football! I am the biggest HOG fan this side of the MISSA-SIPPI! I am so proud of them this year! Unfortunately I don’t get to see all of their games on tv because they don’t all get aired on regular cable but I watch as many as I can and make sure I’m always at home for the LSU game when its a home game.
I won't be at home this Saturday for the game (preplanned trip) but if I get a chance I will post a wonderful touchdown recipe that you can share at your tailgate parties.