Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Publix and CVS ~ I love them both!

Over the weekend, I went grocery shopping. Some of you that are new to couponing might find it strange that I do some of my shopping at CVS and Walgreens but with their own store coupons and manufacture coupons, I really save so much more money! Here is why:
CVS first!
I went to CVS to get sodas because we were out and they were having a decent sale on them. But, to my surprise, my deal got even sweeter as the cashier went along!
 I purchased these 6 items for $3! Yes, three dollars!
When I scanned my CVS card, a $5 off any Revlon eye makeup coupon printed out and they were on sale for $7.49 and you get $4 ECB back. I paid $2.66.
Next, the cashier only rang up 2 of the sodas  @ $5 and I had a $1 off Pepsi coupon so with the ECB I paid nothing. After scanning my card again, he accidentally rang up the next customer (before coming back to me) who was purchasing an allergy medicine which printed out a $5 ECB (even though I didn’t purchase this, the other customer did and the cashier gave it to me! plus it had my name on it so I could use it, right?!)
Then, he rang up the other two sodas @ $5 so I used the free $5 ECB to get these paying ZERO and giving me $3 ECB.
Lastly, my lotion was $3.20. I used the last ECB on the lotion only paying, 42 cents. My grand total was $3.08!!  See why I love CVS!
I’ll post my Publix trip tomorrow :)    Have a great day!

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