Thursday, March 3, 2011

Super savings ~ Spent $30 saved $110!

On an average lately, I am spending roughly $30 at the grocery store which is awesome all by itself. I did my weekly shopping trip and again spent around $30 with a total savings of $110! A lot of people assume that you have to buy no name brand things or 20 of something to save that much. This is never really the case with me. I buy what I need and what needs to be replenished in my stock pile. Yes, I have a stock pile and this is usually where I “shop” when I need something. Stock piling allows me to make these monster savings on a weekly basis.
An overall view of my trip:

This includes:
Bananas, apples, and peppers
Sandwich meat, bread and cheese
Soups, pasta sauce, Alfredo sauce and pasta
Veggies and rice
Doritos and Pepsi
Stouffers lasagna (2) ~ for nights I don’t have time to cook :)
Milk, plastic cups and hand soap
Most of all there is a Flank steak in there which is about $6.99 lb!
There is so much more here but this just goes to show you that you can eat well on coupons!
If you are interested in learning how to eat well on a budget leave a comment or email me, or if you just want to get introduced to coupons head on over to!

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  1. Good morning, You did an amazing job. You're definitely inspiring me to use coupons more, okay to use coupons. I haven't been really good at that. But these days every little bit helps. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.