Monday, March 21, 2011

VACA ~~ Woot Woot

I'm on vacation woohoo! I have been waiting and waiting on this day to come since forever it seems like! I already live in the sunshine state so we didn't plan a big trip out of town but I am going to enjoy some much needed R & R. I will still do daily posts.
I do have a few shopping trips to brag blog about so I will put those up later.
I hope you all get to enjoy your week, oh and I do have a weekly menu I will put up before the day is over! Since I'm at home the whole week, I planned every meal because I didn't want to have overkill on extra points and I didn't want to spend unnecessary money.

Update: I am still running :0). The whole gang actually got out and ran this morning. The guys kicked my butt, but it was fun to be out together.

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