Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time out or take out?

Sometimes you have those days when you realize that cooking a good healthy meal is just not going to happen tonight. Well, last night was one of those nights. I have a preteen who was starving for affection so instead of making whatever I had on the menu for last night, I made one of my Digiorno pizzas with bread sticks that I bought on sale last week at Publix. I knew when it came to the points dinner was going to kill me but my choices were spend time cooking dinner to save some points and hear whining all night or go for the pizza and spend the much needed quality time with my son (which doesn't happen very often these days).

Of course I chose the pizza. As parents, especially for us moms, we find ourselves always putting too many pots on the stove and eventually some of them go unwatched and boil over. I do this way to often and forget that I'm only one person and my butter can only be spread so far!

I'm not sure how the these two things are related (which I tend to do alot - relate two totally unrelated things together - lol) but my tip for the day is this - Never go on a diet. Change your thought process about what and how you eat instead. I thought this would be hard to do but it was so much easier than people make it out to be.


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    I read the first page of your blog and I'm loving it. Very helpful.

  3. happy follow friday, the best thing to do when making your own pizza or ordering pizza out is loading it up with veggies. now i want pizza!