Friday, June 4, 2010

Grub a dub dub....


I normally create a menu to cover 2 weeks at a time but with the recent holiday and my husbands recent trips home I am just now planning my food for the next several days. Here is a glimps of what I plan on cooking starting with today. I will add the recipes as I cook them.

Friday - Buffalo Sliders with chips and dip
Saturday - Rico burritos, chips and salsa
Sunday - Slow Cooker Savory Herb Chicken with Onion roasted potatoes
Monday - Leftover day
Tuesday - Spicy grilled fish tacos, chips and salsa
Wednesday - Spicy chicken with peppers & Rice with Egg drop soup
Thursday - Taco night
Friday - Either Buffalo chicken pizza or sandwiches (depends on what I feel like doing on a Friday night!)
Saturday - Something grilled I'm sure. I have a great recipe for Grilled stuffed Burgers with onions, bacon and cheese.
Sunday - Bruchetta Chicken bake and roasted veggies
Monday - Leftover day
Tuesday - Oven grilled Buffalo Chicken and Restaruant Style Smashed potatoes
Wednesday - Chicken fajitas, chips and salsa
Thursday - Hot Tortila Soup
Friday - Leftover Day

** I don't always follow my own list but atleast it keeps out the guessing game during the week!

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