Saturday, June 26, 2010

Food overload

I have been so busy at work this week that I completely forgot to add pictures and updates on the meals for the week. I did pretty good on the meal plan up until Friday because by then I was beat and didn't feel like cooking a thing. 

So to back track:
Sunday and Monday we did the pulled pork sandwiches and everything in this recipe is free free free and if you use your free bread that is free too! Add chips and salsa or dip if you choose too (just remember to count your points for that).

Tuesday we had the Buffalo chicken pizza. It is so easy to make and good too. It is not free but its only 2pts per slice so not bad for a pizza. To make it this low in points I use Fat free mozzarella cheese instead of regular and fat free ranch dressing.

Wednesday we had Chicken and rice tacos. These are only 1 point because I use corn tortillas but the chicken, rice, beans and mexi corn are free. 

Thursday I changed things up a bit and we had hamburger patties. Now on mine I sauteed mushrooms and added a piece of cheese on top. I made roasted veggies to go along with it. For my son's portion, I made brown gravy to top his off. My meal was only 2 pts because of the slice of cheese. His was 2 pts because of the brown gravy. The picture is of his because I was too greedy to wait to take a picture lol.

Friday is where I completely went sideways. I made a frozen pizza for the kiddo and I had some of the Tortilla soup that I'd frozen from some of the leftovers. The tortilla soup is only 3pts if you use baked tortilla chips, fat free sour cream and cheese for topping. If you don't like those toppings you will have yourself a FREE meal!

Today I am getting back on track and yes I am making those grilled cheese stuffed burgers so for now I bid you good night because my stomach is growling!

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