Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grilled Buffalo Chicken with potatoes and green beans

I changed up the meal plan just a little again last night. (It happens from time to time because sometimes life just doesn't always want to go with the plan, man)

I still cooked the Buffalo chicken (not grilled though, you follow the recipe and cook it in a regular skillet on the stove). I made Betty crocker Three cheese scalloped potatoes instead of the smashed potatoes only because it was starting to get a little late and I didn't have a lot of time to cook some of the ingredients so I improvised. But, but if you are following my plan, one serving of the Betty crocker potatoes it is only 3 points per serving :~)! I was very excited about that. I also needed a veggie so I made just regular cut green beans and it turned into a great meal.


  1. Sounds awesome! One of my go-to meals is Balsamic Chicken, Garlic green beans & a dinner roll. Not too fancy, but so easy & I always keep the ingredients on hand! I always have frozen chicken, frozen green beans & frozen dinner rolls!!

  2. This is such an easy thing to make too! I also have a recipe for Balsamic chicken and peppers. Check it out and if its not like yours send me the link of yours. I'm always looking for great recipes, especially ones that are time savers :)