Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday ~ on my menu

I am excited about this week’s menu. I have a few new recipes that I am trying and so far and I am 1 for 1! As you will see, I made the Bow tie Lasagna for dinner last night and it was so yummy and the guys loved it. I also made the No Bake cheese cake and ooo my gawash, it tastes just like cheese cake without the fat or the thick cheesecake texture. I will post pictures of both of these tonight. In the meantime, this what I plan on having the rest of the week:
Sunday ~ Bow tie Lasagna with salad ~ 5pts (for 1 cup cooked pasta, everything else was FREE)
Monday ~ Shrimp Fajitas ~ 2pts (for 2 flour tortillas)
Tuesday ~ Chicken wraps ~ 3pts (for the larger size tortilla and cheese)
Wednesday ~ Sour cream burritos ~ 4pts (I’m guessing because I don’t know how much cheese I will eat and I will use ff sour cream)
Thursday ~ Tuna casserole (I still haven’t made this yet)
Friday ~ Pizza night ~ 4pts for thin crust cheese slice
Saturday ~ Fajita Nachos (and I’m not sure if this is it yet so stay tuned)
Have a great week everyone!
It will be so nice here in Florida this week.
I wish you all could enjoy it because I know I sure will :0)!

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