Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another amazing slow cooker recipe ~ Savory Herb Chicken ~

Yesterday before I left for work, I started dinner in my slow cooker. Savory Herb Chicken is about the easiest meal in a slow cooker (well, really they are all easy). All you do is throw in the chicken, cut up red bell peppers, 1 chopped onion, 1/2 cup of water and 2 packets of Savory Herb Lipton soup mix. Set the slow cooker for 8 hours on low and voile! When you get home the chicken is done and the house smells delightful!

I also cooked onion roasted potatoes with it, making this a complete meal worth 0 points when you use olive oil and boneless skinless chicken thighs or breasts!

A fabulous recipe for nights when you don’t feel like standing over the stove or waiting on the oven for hours.
Click here for the chicken recipe and click here for the potato recipe.


  1. I love my crockpot and think my family would starve without it! Sounds like a good recipe... I'll be sure to give it a whirl!

  2. Think I am gonna make this tonight, yummy!!