Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meal Plan…. uh Tuesday!

Since yesterday was a holiday, I took a break from everything, even showering until late afternoon (TMI I know lol). Here is what I plan on cooking for the rest of the week.
Have a great Day :0)
Tuesday – Leftover Three Cheese Stuffed Shells – I have not attempted to determine the points for this meal. When my husband requests it I just close my eyes and enjoy!
Wednesday – 16 minute Beef & Bean Burritos3pts – Of course I alter it some but it still has the same kick me in the tail flavor!
Thursday – Chicken & Rice Tacos1pt when you use brown rice
Friday – Pizza Night – I’ve been outvoted. Friday nights have been declared pizza nights in my house. 
Saturday – Chicken fajitas3pts
I think I’m gonna start having themed weeks in my house! This week and next feels like we are on a trip to the Bahamas or something.

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