Friday, January 7, 2011

Complain, complain, complain

I’m sorry that the first post of the day on a Friday is a complaint but I can’t hold it in much longer. To save you some boring details, I will give you the semi-short version.
Right now my family is on an intense budget and I feel like one of the fortunate ones that knows how to coupon to save money but BUT I am completely annoyed that I live in a county amongst other couponers who find it necessary to buy every single item on the shelf of every deal I need right now!
I love my fellow couponers but I really get annoyed when they tend to loose respect for the rest of us out there that only buy enough to stock pile for a few months ~~ not a few years!!
Ok, I am done complaining after I say this. If you use coupons, the next time you are at the store will you please leave a few items on the shelf for those of us that might need that item in a time of need. 
Thank you and good day :0)!

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