Monday, January 31, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

This is what I “plan” on seeing on my table for the week. Enjoy!
Sunday – Good ole fried catfish – courtesy of the hubs
Monday – Cubesteak sandwiches and potato fries – I don’t know how many points this is but I will try to make some adjustments to make it as point friendly as possible, if that is possible! – Recipe is from The Pioneer Woman
Tuesday – Shrimp Fajitas with cilantro lime rice – 5pts - Both recipes are from Skinnytaste!
Wednesday – Chicken Sabroso with some type of asparagus recipe – 0pts depending on the asparagus recipe
Thursday – Pernil with cabbage and cornbread – 3pts
Friday – Leftovers
Saturday – Pizza Night moved from Friday
A lot of the recipes I am using this week came from Check our her site if you never have before. She has lots of great recipes that are point friendly.

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