Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taking the wheel

Well its been a long few weeks but I think I’m coming back around and getting back in the swing of things. Anytime I’m off for a while, it takes a few weeks to get going again.
We spent two weeks at home for Christmas along with my hubby recovering from surgery so it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I missed it and I missed shopping.
I always wonder how many people truly read my blog on a daily basis so if you are one of them I truly thank you and apologize for the long delay but I’m baaack hehe and will continue on as usual.
I’ve had this weird throat thing going on for about a week now so even though I made a weekly meal plan, I’ve changed it like four times already so I will share a new one starting next week. I also haven’t really gone shopping since we’ve been back so I will begin adding new trips next week too.
I did start something back and that was my weekly food journal. Its harder than I remember lol! But, for you and because of you I’m gonna keep on keeping on and do the best I can. I am doing great so far. I have two days left and 12 points. It helps that I can only eat soups and soft foods though because the good stuff hurts to go down.

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