Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why did I tempt fate?

Why o why did I learn how to make ewey gewy yummy cilantro lime rice? I am in love with cilantro lime rice! I should have just left well enough alone and never dabbled in the adventures of making this rice. It is over from this point on and I am in heaven. So, now instead of driving to Chipotle just to get the craving curbed by spending half my salary, I can just make my own and not have to share with anyone!

Sorry, I skyrocketed to another planet for a moment. I really love rice…..oh and potatoes……and macaroni and cheese! Is there any hope for me? I know all about portion control and keeping things balanced but every time I took a bite of this rice last night I kept hearing this one particular line from an old Friends episode:
“A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!” But its oh so good! Now if I get up the nerve I guess I could try brown rice but I’m not that brave yet!
If you want to come live on my planet for a while click here to check out this recipe. Its from a fabulous website called and she has amazing recipes that are all pretty much on the healthy side and they are all delicious.

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