Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly regimen…


Here it is. I’m laying it all out for ya, my plan for working out this week and pretty much the next several weeks in the future.

I work out in the evening. I already get up to dang early so I don’t want to set myself up for another level of failure. If I’m home and I sit, I can easily think, Get up Sara – you could couch potato (I honestly never get to do this but for sayings sake) for 30 minutes or get in a work out.

I like running. My knees don’t, but I do. I hear a good shoe will do a body good so until I can get a pair of those, my knees will hurt….when I run.

I don’t run everyday, only 3 days a week and right now only 3 miles. So I will log it, update it, and share it – with you.

I am held captive by my own schedule at times and because of this I limit my workouts to around 30 minutes. After careful (meaning I googled highest rated 30 minute workout – big stuff here) review, I decided on Gillian Michaels – Ripped in 30. Not that I will be ripped in 30 (maybe) but it is a powerful workout in 30 minutes.

She yells at me.

I’m done and can move on to the next item of business. 

So here it is – what I’ve done this week so far and how I plan on wrapping it up.

Sunday – Rest day

Monday – Ran

Tuesday – Ripped in 30

Wednesday - (honestly planned on running) – One of those life gets in the way days

Thursday – Ripped in 30

Friday – Run

Saturday – Ripped in 30

What I really, really want is T25 by beachbody. I hear this is awesome. Anyone out there use this? What are your thoughts?

I have two friends that have and they both love it. Neither live here or I’d be on it!

As some say  - Git ‘er done!

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