Saturday, July 20, 2013

Instalife - Snap it to remember!

week 1 review

At first I was excited about Instagram having videos since I’d recently become a quick fan of Vine but in reality, I am a lover of photos.

There is a mystery to a photo. It tells a story without sound or movement.

Just in case you can’t solve the mysteries, here is a quick run down……

  1. I think we all know where this is – can we say Yum in unison!
  2. Exercise, exercise, exercise.
  3. Free movie rental - what what!!
  4. Um well the table gave up on holding all those totes in the garage ={ and it was hot and they were heavy trying to move them.
  5. I got spanked – spanked I tell ya from a 14 yr old that ran the board in Monopoly! Glad it wasn’t real life. I went b-r-o-k-e!
  6. Loved the contrast of the sunset in front of and behind me.
  7. Lastly, what I do best like no other – injure myself!

And there it is – my week in a snap! Happy Weekend Y’all!

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