Saturday, July 27, 2013

Instalife – weekly snapup

week 2 review Ever have those weeks where you think back and say how is today Saturday? This was my week.

I really feel like it was just Friday….. but a week ago. When you live by a routine, your days seem to smash together to all be one big lumped up day.

Let’s see….. I worked out, tracked my food, did homework, went to work, did yard work, was followed all around my house by my lovely snoodle (son of a poodle) tried 3 (yes 3 new recipes this week) and had one heck of a wine and nails night on Thursday.

So maybe this week really wasn’t all that routine as it seemed going through it. Thursday was fun! I have this new found love for nail polish. It’s wicked and weird. I used to think nail polish made my fingers look fat but oh contraire……. I cannot get enough of painting my nails! It’s a good thing I have mastered painting my right hand because this addiction could get expensive if I had to take it to a salon! Nails on the cheap I say! I’m all about saving a buck so learning to do fun, funky things on my own is wonderful!

This is my week in a snap. Keep working, keep running and keep on moving up the ladder of success!!! Happy weekend y’all

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