Monday, April 4, 2011

Meal Plan Monday ~ a little late


I don’t know why I am having such a hard time getting back into the swing of things after my vacation TWO weeks ago, geez! You’d think I  would be back on track! I made a menu plan last week but we had really strong storms here in Florida and I only cooked one night. So I am trying this week to behave myself and follow the rules, haha! So, even though I already had dinner and most of you probably have too, this is what I cooked tonight and what I plan on having the rest of the week.

Monday – Garlic Lime pork chops, cilantro lime rice, roasted asparagus with balsamic butter sauce ~ 3pts

Tuesday – Sweet and spicy citrus fish with Roasted Broccoli and crushed garlic ~ 0pts

Wednesday – Lemon Herb Zucchini Fettuccini – points will vary depending on the type of noodles you use

Thursday – Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Veggies ~ 0pts

Friday – Pizza Night ~ 4pts for thin cheese slice

Saturday – Taco Night ~ 2pts for two tacos with cheese

Most of my recipes this week come from! Her recipes are amazing. I put a few variations in mine after I cook them the first time but pretty much you can follow the recipe and it will be a hit everytime!

Enjoy your week!

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  1. Those meals sound delicious! I will have to try some of those recipes

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