Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Monday


For the first time in forever, I didn’t cook a holiday meal on a holiday (gasp!). We had Chinese food for lunch/dinner. After a long day at church we decided to go out and let someone else clean up the mess, HA! I know it wasn’t the most traditional or healthiest of choices but hey, it happens!

So here is what I plan for the rest of my, again busy as ever, week. I also might be rolling over some meals I haven’t cooked yet.

Monday – Tacos ~ 2pts

Tuesday – Citrus Tilapia with Asparagus ~ 0pts

Wednesday – Chicken Pitas with Tzatziki ( I will have to add this one when I get the recipe) ~ not sure on points because I don’t have the full recipe yet

Thursday – Either Vegetable Lasagna or a Frozen Lasgana, either way we are having lasagna! with a nice side salad. ~ This is unknown too but will add points when I know.

Friday – Pizza Night or Leftovers whichever works out ~ 4pts for 1 thin crust slice of cheese pizza

Saturday – Either a birthday party to attend or a fish fry with company!

Not the healthiest of weeks but they come around from time to time. The main goal is to stick to healthy foods the majority of the week. Makin a curve in the road a time or two is no reason to fall off of the wagon. Stay in the driver’s seat and you will get there soon enough.

**I’ve had a few people ask about my point system. Keep in mind that is is NOT the current weight watchers point scale. It is similar to the new points plus but is the system that I was tested with. The points are similar but not the same so if you are using the Points Plus system you might have to readjust your numbers.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I've done both the old and the new system. Both are great! I always calculate my own points anyway, since points from one brand of something can vary to another.

    Congrats on the Welcome Wednesday feature!

    Jamie @