Sunday, June 8, 2014

My weight loss journey - Part III (after the middle but before the beginning)


When I was originally asked about becoming a coach……. if I’d only listened then.

Part III ~ Here we go.

In comes January 2014, I signed up as a Beachbody coach remembering that she asked me to and let it just kinda hang out in the wind and catch the breeze for about 3 months. She also sent me some samples of Shakeology and told me to drink it for a week. I had six packets, one of each flavor. Around February I noticed a workout dvd called T25 and I began to wonder if I could do this one. It was only 30 minutes long and my semester of school was coming to an end and more free time was becoming available. However, during that time I also noticed TONS of people posting about the 21 Day fix. After 2 days of seeing AMAZING photo results and stories, I purchased my very first fitness program from Beachbody. Thus began my journey as a client. My longtime friend and coworker also purchased the 21 Day fix challenge pack under me and this began my journey as a COACH. A few more people purchased the program as well and we were off and running. In the first round of the fix, I lost only 4.5lbs but I was totally okay with that because I lost 12inches over my entire body. I saw my waist again. My mini muffin top was disappearing again! I fell in love with this workout plan and the nutrition plan was the easiest I’d ever seen! It’s all color coded and pretty containers to measure food in. I get to eat potatoes y’all!

21 day results  (this is what I was seeing EVERYWHERE!)

So the first week in April I decided that this was it, I’m going to do this and put me first. No matter who it bothered. I am getting older, I am gaining the weight and I am the one that has to live in this body. My first big step was trying the shakes. Let’s just make this clear if you didn’t already know. I despised those shake girls. I was almost snicker at them and think, honey why are you drinking a smoothie, Eat something for goodness sake. All the while, I’m gaining weight and doing NOTHING to improve my own health. Such the hypocrite I was. So, back to the shake experience. One day prior to April I’d tried the chocolate and HATED IT. I don’t like chocolatey chocolate so I’m not quite sure why I tried that one first but I did. I didn’t try them again for weeks. I tried to make my own to test the waters and made them with yogurt and choked them down. Not a good experience. But on that Sunday of that first week, I purchased Vanilla almond milk, bananas, frozen fruits and fresh fruits and made my very first shakeology smoothie. I felt the heavens open up and voices of angels singing in my head. I literally tapped the cup to get the rest out! I was HOOKED. Everyday I had to have one. EVERYDAY. You can read my post about that here. In that first week prior to starting the fix, I didn’t watch what I ate but I didn’t over eat and drank my smoothie everyday for breakfast, I lost 2lbs! I was over the top stoked. The next Monday along with friends we started our first round of the 21 Day fix. I followed my meal plan and grocery list, ate my food all day and worked out every night. If I missed a workout, I doubled up the next day, making sure I did everything. I had to go shopping for a wedding the last week of the first round and found a dress that I loved but it was a size 2 and I said what the heck try it on. I did! And it FIT!!! A size 2 y’all!! Now I don’t wear a size 2 in anything else but that dress ~ but I bought it for the shear principle that it was a size 2.

first round  (round one – firstish day)

I am now in week 2 of round 2 on the 21 day fix. I am still in love with this program. I love the variety of the different workouts everyday. I love that I get to really eat every kind of food. No food is left off of the map. Well, except for those foods we know we don’t need. I do notice that the workouts are much easier this round than round one and eating enough food for the day seems to be easier now also.

round 1 end









I have a new journey beginning and I am so excited to share that part with you tomorrow!

See you then….

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