Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weight loss journey – Part II (the middle of the after)

march 2013 2013

(both of these photos were taken in the spring of 2013)

My weight loss journey has taken me on a roller coaster ride the past two years.

I call this the middle of the after because my story is not finished.

I am a work in progress. We all are. We all are working towards that final chapter of satisfaction.

Part II

Now fast forward to 2013, I was now knocking on the door of 140lbs again. I’d been here before and swore I’d never be back. Well here I was and someone was about to open it. I am refusing to walk thru though because I AM NOT BUYING NEW CLOTHS- AGAIN! Unless they are the same or smaller size. I should also mention that I am a college student and I work full time and have kids and a husband and a dog and I live in Florida with no family support (as in pick up a kid here or there when I need it or help with errands). Depression was coming back. What did I revert too? Eating less to make up for it. I started my tracking points so many times I lost track and would give up on day 2 when I realized that I’d already eaten half of my points in two days.

Hopefully by now there are some of you that can relate.

Fast forward even more to November 2013 – My old college roommate (first time around) asked me to join a private food challenge group to help advise people on what to eat and how. It was a week long and I enjoyed the heck out of that. I noticed that during this week I watched what I ate too. I also found myself working out or trying to but it was the holiday season so not really. She had asked me to join team beachbody as a coach but I declined because I really didn’t understand what being a coach meant and because I really thought I had too much going on at the time. She left it alone and never asked again but it was always in the back of my mind, wondering and watching. Now let me insert here that I’d been watching her for about 2 years in her own fitness journey, all the while feeling a bit jealous because I didn’t have that here where I lived. She had a fun group she worked out with, her love for Turbofire had me all crushing on getting my own, and she looked amazing! Still I never asked what she was doing or how I could do it. I just watched, admired and wished her much success! I thought they were just amazing workouts with a great group of friends – I honestly had no clue!

Tomorrow is another day and another part III….

See you then.

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