Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shakeology–what it does for me

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Seriously People – I love this stuff!

In one week and half of another I can feel the difference.

I can see a difference.

I found myself awake this morning before the alarm went off.

Last week there were at least two days I wasn’t exhausted at 10 pm.

Now if you know me – I’m a busy lady. I love my sleep. It is very precious to me. I don’t get much and when I do, I sleep to the last possible second.

So in just a short time here is what I’ve noticed by drinking Shakeology everyday:

  1. I feel rested. (and this is HUGE for me) If I get nothing else this is enough.
  2. I feel energized even when I know I’m tired. I don’t feel beat down.
  3. I feel light and fresh (if that makes sense).
  4. I don’t look for that mini size Twix in my drawer at work. Curbs my sweet tooth – errr teeth.
  5. I already liked veggies and fruits but I seem to want more of the stuff than normal.
  6. I know I’m doing something healthy for my body so I make sure the rest of my choices are good ones too!

I’m positive this list will continue to grow but if this is how I feel in just 1 1/2 weeks, I can only imagine in a few months!

I was hesitant trust me. I probably had the same thoughts as you. A shake for a meal  - nah I’m good. I eat right (most days). I’m not really a liquid meal kinda girl. I like potatoes for goodness sake! I’m a southern girl. We love our starches.

I mean come on really, can a shake offer me that much more than just a meal replacer – uh ya.

I challenge you to give your body the opportunity to be at the best it can be!

Click on the link below to order your own flavor – They have Chocolate, Chocolate Vegan for you Vegan folks, Strawberry, Tropical Strawberry, Green berry and my personal favorite, Vanilla!

I told y’all I have a new obsession. And this is a good one Smile 

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