Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 1–21 Day fix

Today is the official first day of my 21 day fix challenge! Me and the girls are super surprised at the amount of food we have to eat throughout the day! I personally know the benefits of eating 5-6 times a day! I am walking, talking proof of that.

21 Day fix – I think I’m gonna like you!

Workouts will come this evening. I’m a nighty~not a morning person at all!

There is something else to this though – something more. I don’t generally promote a product unless I personally LOVE it. I have to say Shakeology – you proved me W-R-O-N-G! In just one week, one week ladies and gentlemen, I’ve gone from a non-believer to everyone in my house wanting their own bag!

I know many may make their own shakes or smoothies but honey – you gotta at least give this a try. Love it because its good, but love it even more for the benefits! It is so much more that a meal replacement – Shhhhhh don’t hurt its feelings. No no – lets call it a super meal because that’s what it is!

Please inform yourself of the benefits right here >>>

The 21 day fix is bound to produce results for everyone. If you need help let me know! I’m here!

Get your own fix today! Click here >>>>> 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

See y’all tomorrow with a workout update!

Happy Monday

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