Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What can you get for $1?

Last night I stopped by Publix with the original intention to get a turkey and a few other things for a dinner party I am hosting on Saturday, which is a miracle all by its self! Anywho, I didn't find the turkey and ended up getting chicken for my soup tonight for dinner.
When I got to the register I wasn’t sure if I’d met the requirement to use my 5/25 coupon but I had just enough and even pulled out change to pay for my total bill!
When I got home I pondered the question of what really does a dollar get you these days? Well, lately in my house it gets me this~~

I spent $1.03 and saved 35.09! I used 4 quarters and three pennies!
Here is the breakdown for all of you wondering how -
QtyItemcostcoupon used
1Lettuce0.991 - $1produe/target
1Red pepper1.81 - $1produe/target
3bananas0.681 - $1produe/target
2green onion bunches1.191 - $1produe/target
1yellow pepper1.681 - $1produe/target
1tomato0.851 - $1produe/target
1cucumber0.651 - $1produe/target
2Kraft cheese41-$1 target
1 - $2.5 manufacture
2Crescent rolls22 - .75 manufacture
2chicken noodle soup0.991 - $1 manufacture
2Theraflu71 - $3 manufacture
1 - $5 Store
1chicken breasts2.741 - .50 store
1Snicker bar0.89n/a
** Used $5/25 on total

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