Thursday, November 18, 2010

Publix or bust

I truly love Publix.
Using coupons at this store has been a saving grace for my family recently. My last trip there was on 11/13 where I spent a total of $8 and saved $107!
I am starting to buy things for Thanksgiving just incase we decide to stay here instead of traveling home. If we do decide to go home for Thanksgiving well I won’t have to do much shopping to cook for Christmas.


  1. Hmm. My only issue is there aren't any coupons on fresh fruits and veggies...most of the boxed and processed stuff is off my list because I am GF...

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  2. Hi! Thanks for following. I actually used produce coupons from Target if your store accepts them as a competitor. They had a few out recently that helped out a lot. But you are right there aren't a lot of produce coupons out there at all.