Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey day blues

Its the Monday after Thanksgiving
and the question is…..
Did you beat yourself up for everything that you ate?
Did you step on the scale to see if you gained any weight?
Or, did you just enjoy the ride and decide to take it one slice of pie at a time!!
Well, the hardest thing we can do for our weight loss journey is beat ourselves up over enjoying our ever-so loving comfort foods. Of course I say this after I had a talk with myself in the mirror this morning and it wasn’t pretty let me tell ya! I am my worst critic when it comes to criticism.
Even after loosing weight I still struggle on an almost daily basis to control my obsession of food. I can’t help it~~ I LOVE FOOD! The kind that leaves you one size larger before you leave the dinner table.
Easy fix right? Well I hope so. One holiday down and two to go.
Best advice is to keep doing what you do minus the holiday. One day (or two or three) isn’t going to destroy months or years of hard work. Now make that a month or two then we might have a problem.

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