Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Now I Remember why I bring my lunch!

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When it gets busy at election time around here our lunch room fills up so much that its standing room only. Most days I end up going out to eat just to get away from the noise and stress. This proved to be not so good for the wallet or the hips!
Now that everyone is gone I am getting back into my old habits of packing a lunch everyday. So far this week I’ve saved myself around $21 and its only Wednesday! Also, I have cut out a lot of unnecessary fat from my diet because I prepared the food I ate at home. 
Great tip – Pack your lunch whenever you can and remember it doesn’t have to be a salad or a sandwich everyday. When you cook dinner the night before, make extra for the next day. Or make a big pot of Hot Tortilla soup or Chili, then freeze it and take it out to eat for lunch whenever you need an idea. Try making homemade spaghetti sauce, freeze that also and pour over pasta for a hot lunch.

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