Monday, December 6, 2010

Two Christmas parties and a pear tree…

I had two Christmas parties this weekend. Party #1 I was a guest. It was great, amazing, fun, relaxing and the food was good (but the wine was better!). My husband and I were both there and his duty was to take pictures. It was his camera that we took so of course he would take the pictures. He also is a camera hog. Once you give it to him you ain’t gettin it back. So, I thought great idea. He loves to do this and we will get some great photos. Annnnnnt. wrong! Not only did he not take any good photos, the only ones he did take were of the interior decorations of the house! Not one, not one photo of the guests, the host or even the Christmas lights! I was speechless and shocked to say the least.
So we come to Christmas party #2 which I was hosting at my house. Again another night where my husband has the camera and is sure to take lots of pictures because, um well we are at our house. Again, epic failure! He did snap 4 (FOUR) photos and one looong video of the gift exchange game. Despite the lack of proof of the event, it was a major success. Everyone had a fabulous time and the food was superb. I can’t wait to do it again next year.
I was able to snap one photo of my furbaby after everyone left and the house was clean. To say the least, this is what I wanted to do after I realized that the day was over and there were no pictures of the entire weekend ~~ curl up and try to remain incognito!

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  1. Don't husbands realize we need lots of pics for our blog and Facebook?? Especially if we're dressed up and lookin' good ;) lol. Thanks for visiting and the comment. I'm now following!