Thursday, December 2, 2010

Take me by the hand…

I am very excited to start the beginning stages of taking my experience to a whole new level. I want to reach out and help more people on a personal level. I am going to offer a new program to anyone who really has the desire to loose weight with the added bonus of learning how to save money at the same time. There will be a fee for my service but it will be worth every penny.
I get so many people that ask me on a consistent basis about how I lost weight and successfully keep it off (giving myself a pat on the back for two successful years). You will get a special 3 hour session with me to personally show you step by step how to get started down the path to loose weight and save money once and for all.
If you live in Central Florida and are interested in getting more information and setting up an appointment please email me at or leave a comment with your email address.


  1. I think this is awesome for you to do this ! Congrats on loosing the weight and keeping it off. i know how hard it is !
    Come say hi !

  2. Making Friends on Monday! I'm following your blog now! Looking forward to reading more posts!

    Anna, The Pilot's Wife