Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Progress–is it a dirty word?


I know progress is an odd topic since this is a food blog but I do have a new adventure in my life that isn’t going anywhere either.

I’ve loved my newly found discovery of taking regular recipes and making them healthy. I get to eat good but better :-) and y’all know how I love to eat. I also love a good workout. Maybe workout is the dirty word and not progress…….

No one wants to do workouts. I get it. They are hard. They take up time and effort that could be used enjoying that bag of oreos sitting over there that keep calling my name (Put a pipe in it brownie!). I’ve fought the struggle. I live the life. I give up more often than not.

I also regret every single time I give up. I always go back to the thought of what if I’d never quit – my abs would be so killer right now! My thighs wouldn’t jiggle right now! Those oreos wouldn’t stand a chance right now!

I’ve realized that as many times as I’ve given up, I’ve also started again. You see, I don’t think the problem is giving up, I think its in never getting back up again. Let’s be real. Life happens – sometimes more days than others but if I’m participating in my own life more times than not, it will begin to show off. It will begin to show up.

Looking and feeling great is not like instant coffee. We don’t get to pour, stir, sip, satisfy in this game of life. We have to invest our own time into what we really want. We have to let it brew. We have to let it simmer sometimes. Meaning – Let the work take its course. Let the progress reveal itself to you. Don’t give up when you get board or impatient.

Since April, I’ve had to start and stop a dozen times. But then I go to look in the mirror this past week and I see definition. I see muscle. I see progress!

We are all capable of the same progression. We are all capable of achieving the same goal. We all have that same love for ourselves within us. It just takes a little more digging for some rather than others.

I know it is a bit cliché but when you take time to work on you, others feed off of your new found energy or ora. You begin to put things in perspective, even if some of this time is spent in meditation or just a quiet place to let yourself evolve in that moment. Be present in the situation you are in. Don’t check out. Don’t give up on you. You are the most important person in the world to a lot of people. Show up, be there and be the best that you can be.

Work on living the best life you can. Learn to be complete in mind, body and soul.

If you are needing someone to help hold you accountable, count on me. Follow me on instagram. Heck follow me on facebook or find someone in your circle that will help push you to that next level of greatness, someone that gives you that source of power and commitment.

~ Live a beautiful life everyday ~

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