Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dumplins or Dumplings?

dumplings finished product 
Since I was born and raised in the south,
I have a tendency to leave the “g” off of words.
I have a bad habit of sayin things like “fixin” and “warshin” and “dumplins”
Dumplins just don’t sound right with a “g”
and if you make Dumplings I bet they don’t taste like “Dumplins”!
I had a request to make Dumplins over the weekend from the birthday boy!
Chicken and Dumplins are good to make when it’s your birthday ~
or a rainy day, or a holiday or any day really.
Give these a try if you are feeling the need to leave off a “g” or two in your life.
My GG used to make these for me when I wore pigtails.
My GG taught me how to make these when I wore high heels!
She was the best! At everything!
She also made the best fried chicken this side of Texas!
Chicken and Dumplins – GG Style!
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What you’ll need:
  • 3 Chicken breasts with bone and skin
  • 2 cans cream of chicken soup
  • 1 cup chicken broth from boiling chicken
  • Flour
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
Directions for the Chicken:
(they are simply complicated!)
    • Fill the pot half full of water, add salt and pepper.
    • Boil the chicken (for about 45 minutes).
dumplings boiling chicken
    • Remove the chicken.
    • Oh look who showed up right on cue! Chicken stalker!
dumplings chicken stalker4
    • Cool the Chicken.
dumplings cool the chicken
    • Shred the Chicken. Removing all fat and bones.
    • Let chicken continue to cool while preparing the Dumplins
 dumplings shred the chicken
  • Drink the wine. (required when shredding)
dumplings drink the wine
  • Feed the stalker (required when shredding)
dumplings feed the stalker
    • Remove 1 cup of chicken broth now.
    • In the same pot that you boiled the chicken in, add 2 cans of cream of chicken soup to the remaining broth.
    • Stirring occasionally. Bring to a boil
    • Reduce heat and let simmer while you prepare your dumplins.
Directions for Dumplins:
For the Dough you will need:
  • 1 cup chicken broth you saved from boiling your chicken with
  • 3 tbsp of oil
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • **flour
Directions for making your Dumplins
    • Add your cup of chicken broth, oil and salt to a large mixing bowl.
    • **this is a tricky part** Add your flour. If you noticed there is no measurement. I don’t measure this. I just add until the broth is absorbed and you have a nice size ball of dough to work with. You can’t make more than you need and you can’t mess it up. I’m thinking it’s about 1 1/2 cups to 2 cups of flour if I had to guess.
    • knead the dough.
 dumplings knead the dough
  • Flour your counter top/workspace
  • Refer to ancient index card recipe for reassurance
dumplings spread the flour
    • Pinch the dough into small workable sections
dumplings pinch the dough
    • Roll out the dough thin, but not too thin or the dumplins will break up and not to thick or they will not get done.
dumplings roll the dough
    • Cut the dough into strips of your liking (long strips or short squares).
dumplings cut the dough
Combing the two (there is a small science to it):
    • Before you add the dumplins to the pot, add the pieces of chicken to the broth and stir them in.
    • Once you have your dough all cut up, add them one at a time to the pot, carefully stirring them in along the way.
    • Bring back to a boil, reduce heat, add salt and pepper to taste and let simmer about 30 minutes or until dumplins are done.
dumplings simmer the dumplings
It might seem a little complicated but your mouth, tummy and southern roots will rejoice!
dumplings finished meal
Enjoy! I know we did!

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