Monday, July 11, 2011

Dog Days

My pooch

I thought I would showcase my dog today.

I love my dog.

He brings me joy when my guys are being guys.

It’s a struggle being the only girl in the house

but that is a topic reserved for another day!

Now back to my doggie :)

He is found at times contemplating the struggles of life…


He stresses over spilled milk…

after the party

He examines the man doggie in the mirror…


Because at one point he sported a Mohawk ~

and wore dog jerseys and barked at touchdowns!


Sometimes he reminisces on the snow days….

doggie days  Snow days

but quickly discovers that now he is all grown up.

He is no longer afraid of lawnmowers….


and is proud to be a dog with a license to steer!

cautious driver

But every now and again he lets loose and this is what I find…



1 comment:

  1. Great photos. =) Looks adorable.
    Also following cause Im living healtier too. Maybe youll visit me someday.