Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello (tap, tap tap….)

It’s me! I promise I still exist!
I have no words for the last several months of my life so in a nutshell I’ll spill it…
3 major elections in Florida
3 major semesters of school
Basketball games
College Graduation =)
Meal planning
Laundry (blah)
Some running (I did say some)
I've missed blogging. I've missed normal. I've missed cooking and taking photos.
I still cook but not regularly.
I still eat but not regularly.
I still work out but not regularly.
I need regular. I miss regular. I have to have regular to feel regular!
My New Years Resolution is not typical I guess in a new years resolution sense.
Of course I want to eat better, save more money, stay healthy, work out more and yada yada but really what I want to do most is -
Blog more. Cook more. Save more and Share more!
My New Years Resolution is to YOU!
Blogging keeps me on track and motivated. You keep me motivated, so I dedicate this blog post to you and our future together.
This year has already proven to be on the laid back track.
I mean I haven’t gotten dressed in anything other than pj’s since Sunday.
Unfortunately it will come to an end Monday morning but hey for now I’ll pj it out!
So Happy New Year to you!
Happy New Year to us!
I can’t wait to cook, save and share!
Happy Wednesday! Happy First Week of 2013! Happy whatever you want it to be!
Have a great day or what is left of it!

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